Ashley Bell, ERYT-200

Charleston, SC


Beginning in April 2017, I’ll be teaching exclusively at a new space called “reverb charleston“.  After more than a dozen years teaching yoga and other wellness practices in the Charleston area, I’m putting all of my heart, soul and experience into this space, which I hope will serve as a vital resource as much for curious skeptics as die-hard yogis; for dedicated athletes as well as those who have been searching for the motivation necessary to begin investing in themselves again.  We will offer children’s classes concurrent with adult classes,  provide access for underserved populations through outreach and in-house classes and workshops, and incorporate straps, blocks, bolsters, PVC pipes, chairs and other creative resources to include all who wish to explore ways to feel more empowered and less burdened.  The space will be full of light and vibrancy and so will the staff.  We embrace music, laughter and the opportunities that we have to support one another.  We believe that when we feel better, we do better.  Our willingness to take care of ourselves, to stay resourced, gives us the power to change the world – that’s the ripple effect from which reverb draws its name.


I’m excited to be a part of the Pacific Box and Crate development on the upper peninsula, along with Boomtown, Edmund’s Oast and a “fancy food court” concept from Butcher + Bee’s Michael Shimtov and Jonathan Ory of Bad Wolf Coffee.  As the project progresses I’ll be sharing details here.  Meanwhile, I’ll be doing plenty of outreach, so please contact me if you’d like to schedule a class in a community center, outdoor location or private residence or office space.